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How WTO business as an entity and a children's playground?

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By Betty Zheng Huadong Entertainment Equipment Co. covered child, or called naughty castle, the material is. LLDPE, PVC plastic, galvanized frame tube and the soft play and so on courtyard is designed according 'feature through the combined science to children to form an array of attractions, sports, education, health and other functions in a new generation of children's activity center. You can tell it's a new very large playground, children, is aimed at children, such as drilling, climbing, sliding, rolling, shake, swing, jump, shake Preparation and attention before running a courtyard Support funding: 1. Budget 2. Wait passenger flow period payback 3. Costs and Benefits; Capital investment analysis: Cost children's play area, the cost of installation, transportation costs (the details may be negotiating with the factory) choose appropriate business environment land survey notes: 1. Survey around the perimeter of the store, children Store toys, children photography, children's pool ', Academy of Early Childhood Development, childcare and other relative industry 2. Evaluate the environment around people; 3. A brief analysis of the potential customer 4.analysis operations other competitors and their advantages The suggested for location: the active area 2. 1.commercial activity densely populated city center 3.The customer flow is 4.The big place that has many similar stores for children 5. Place where people like to gather Success party or event has always connect the mall, supper market, shopping center, town square, walk street, etc. . You can choose the place near KFC Choose MCD O good provider: the safe is the most important and the need to first consider if there are safety issues, the benefit will become of me plummet So you have to choose a provider having security certificates relative. ., It can be guarantee product quality and Operate model note 1. The cost and maintenance cost 2. Plant rental costs, electricity and water costs, management costs 3. Staff salary, promotion, marketing cost cooperation to shopping center: joint cooperation is a good cooperate way for the initial stage of pioneering, which can reduce the risk and the benefit for the long term business Take the sea coast, for example, the deduction of benefits can not exceed 3:. 7, If cooperate with the mall and thus do not have to pay the cost of land, but have to pay for water and electricity, salary, and some other charges on the cashier, a perfect form it takes, and can negotiate with rental center;. and deduction, the mall is in charge of cashier, then take your earnings and repayment of the rest. installation support when designing the children's play area, need to maintain a place you can put whack-a-mole, digital machine, sleeps 3 merry-go-round and so on. When decorating, you can consider the bathroom, wardrobe and drinking area. In a word, it is necessary to try to think about how the customer. It is also necessary to avoid the same industry competition, except that you can win others on the scale. Employing 10 people initial promotion, a group to distribute flyers around your child mall play area; another hand in the residential, invite to day care or elementary students to experience can also send messages to your customer directed Cooperate with other .. supermarket or other stores, if the customer buys ** products, can give its a bonus, or your children can play in their times ** indoor playground win free Come, prepare some small toys, then I organized some small activities, prize winners, then build a good relationship with children and their promoting parents follow when kids purchase tickets at the original price, offer a logo of the children's play area, then 5 met logos can change an invitation, one can change 10logos bags, 15logos can change a toy Teddy (can govern itself) consume Seven models: purchase ticket, the ticket price is made according to the economic environment; for membership, cheaper; consuming money with coupons, buy the card 10 times, buy time card, or buy a card months, half a year card, you can choose the best environment according to the session rental contract notes, when you need to contract relate to attention decorate period, rent-free period, the actual public square area for action, property, water and electricity, air conditioning, car, time of exposure, rabies rent increase, deposit, entry fee outside announcement, indoor advertisement, celebration, promotion, if it can be rented separately, if possible transfer or change the business, if the delay time, how to make notes during operation before open: 1. Self-inspection, adjustment appearance, preare; 2. The manager hold the meeting in the morning, organize work today, 3 check all equipment, 4. clarify, prepare all the notes and papers, cards, cash; During operation: 1. Keep love, heart of childhood; 2. Keep smiling, 3. Guard toddlers and reasonable parents, maintain good rule; 4 Hold the playground. clear; 5. cashier must be careful and make sure money, record dairy operations; 6. Try consulting and requirements adequately; 7. Record the advice and information to the leader; 8. If there is an emergency, the need to address properly closed: 1. Cash should summarize the bills, clean the box and accounts, and delivery to the manager, the manager registration and signs; 2. Cash hand over the diary to the manager, the manager and deliver summary leader; 3.at At the same time, other personal clear the land; 4 Complete all work together, cut off the power, make sure there is no security problem then leave; Shop duty manager. 1. Plan to operate objective and ensure goal achievement through effective management; .. 2 Apply the rules and regulations of the store and management personnel established MODE3 Manage, coordinate and deal with the problems and contradictions; 4.manage the store, Make sure the running store 5. Learn professional knowledge, improve training and work; .. 6 Use and test case Promotion 7 Make and send to the principal; 8.organized member activity and promoting weekend, contact with the part-time worker; 9.summary the daily log, build cash account, the efficient and finance; 10 protect equipment, organize the work clear and maintained; 11.build members information and data information system, members of the public and online advertising, 12.buy cleaning products, diapers and some other working arrangements Box Power duty 1. Answer polite inquiry and patience ; 2. Take a quick glance, record customer information, record the daily work; 3.Confirm cash to the manager of the store every day, manage the account of finance; 4. Security of cash, keep money in the bank 5. Summary of member information; 6. Statistical and summary of the month's work and present; 7. Manage the daily service counter materials; 8. the work arranged by the Administrator and Manager Guide gaming duty 1. Love the children of race, sunny and positive, diligent shop 2. Respond to the query raised and patience, 3. When the cashier is busy, help to treat another customer; 3.help the cashier for registration; 5. Check, help children tested height, take pictures; 6.guide parents and children to the children's play area, change shoes, running demand of the park; 7. Avoid children leave individual customer error 9. 8. Avoid shoes Other things must Field Guide 1. Guide and manage the land, is abnormal in time; 2. Love and care for children in the playground, or fail to remind parents and children misbehaving 3. Protect the computer, find and stop the behavior that can destroy computer 4. Keep the soil clean, clean dirty 5. Decorate the floor 6. Avoid children fighting, jumping and other dangerous behavior 7. Avoid leaving children or do not want to scale tickets and another guard at 8. Some things Campo (man know something about electricity, may be part time) 1. Need to know much knowledge of maintenance 2. Turn and cut the power supply and the computer every day 3. Check equipment, maintenance and investigate possible problems Security unscheduled 4. Inject some lubricant oil.change expendable parts 5. Manage the system tools, air pump, radio, video 6. Check the screws every week when the team has some problems, solve down 7. Modify Fan according to the seasons, and check the air pump 8. Attend activity, technology other materials using and maintaining the equipment 9. Some other things that the leader fix


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