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Children choose How WTO chamfer Team?

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By Andosun Wu Huadong Entertainment Equipment Co. 1.In the purchase of play equipment children should judge things objectively: childhood is the foundation stage of life, from the fetus, newborns, infants and young children , preschoolers to teenagers who are constantly in the process of growth and development. Its dynamic characteristics are different from adults, in different ages also vary widely. You must realistically consider, to the extent it reaches the intellectual and physical development of children, to select the right equipment for children play. From birth to one year old child, this period of physiological characteristics are growing faster than ever, neuronal development is also very fast, weak immunity, susceptibility to infectious diseases. You can buy toys upholstered padding, rattle, squeeze toys and so on. 1-3 years old is the first child, this period of slow physical growth of children, but the language and behavior improved markedly, he would walk, but there is no sense of security and self-protection awareness, accident prone . Optional play equipment for children are balls, toys, building blocks, toy cars, toy house, puzzle toys, beach toys, etc. 4-6 years old, preschool, physical growth during this time period continues, there are slight inflexible in the hands and legs, there are features of neglect and are not toys quiet.Optional tricycles and helmets, bicycles, puzzles dolls and costumes, story books, toys with game scenes with figures and accessories. From 6-9 years of age are school children, they like to play games of skill and intelligence. You can purchase kites, bicycles and helmets, skates and protective materials, art supplies, dolls, puppets and clowns play, sports equipment, puzzles and board games and other toys 2. When purchasing equipment for the playground Children should read the instructions for users: .. (1) Check the appropriate age range of playground equipment generally indicated in the instructions for users of the age of the user, you can buy according to your child's age This will help you two. first, play equipment are designed for children of that age in second place, the children in this age group to use. Products which are at risk. (2) Safety warnings. implied a dangerous will be remembered for the toy factory warnings. As once opened, plastic bags packaging should be discarded immediately. And saving supplies non-life-can only be used in shallow water, and does not apply to children under the age of 3, and so on. By buying and using toys, be sure to read such warnings can carefully avoid the risk of misuse. (3) Check the effective date. Some products specified term use, avoid the use of expired products. (4) Check how to use it. sophisticated, such as bicycles, strollers, learning computer, such as play facilities for children should be imported and considerations detailed instructions toys. You should be aware of this consideration prior to purchase. (5) Read the assembly diagram. Assembly toys mounted either adults or children should have assembly drawings. 3. When purchasing playground equipment for denied "three no" products. under the provisions of "Quality Law", all domestic production and sales of products must indicate the name, address and certificate, and apply the standardized Chinese character mark. equipment imported games should also have English instructions for users. The instructions above provides a wealth of information about the products, you should read carefully. We must reject "three no" products, so when children play equipment purchase, consider all necessary instructions to users. Key is to check AQSIQ opinion, the identification and the issuance of special equipment manufacturing licenses, installation, alteration, maintenance license the special teams unit produces fun team with a degree of safety. First, the Forensic Unit, with an annual production of playground equipment, with drawings, technical drawings and boats, go through the national special equipment inspection log view, the entire production process is carried out by technology, by the process, checking each strict quality inspection of all equipment in excellent condition. Therefore, ensuring the safety of the machine, technical performance, positive effects on prevention and avoid the occurrence of accidents. Second, as the situation develops, the growing state for playground equipment safety regulation, units of manufacturing equipment, free installation licenses purchased, sanctions and confiscation confiscation of equipment possible at any time. Again, manufacturing equipment purchase, installation and unity of licensing, may be reflected in the timely resolution of customer problems, service assurance, and solve customer problems. obtained a permit, subject to the supervision and national, provincial and municipal quality monitoring. Manufacture, installation, without license, is not subject to quality monitoring, production of amusement equipment does not guarantee the service, as the device when an accident occurs, customers will suffer a great deal of fraud and losses, or even legal liability.


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