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Yongjia got the title

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By Kelvin Zhou Huadong Entertainment Equipment Co. 12 espers from relevant departments organized by the China Toy Association, make a visit to Yongjia County, Wenzhou experts agreed that city: the toy industry and teaching tools Wenzhou have the characteristic of Cluster, it is irreplaceable in developing the economy with local characteristics and can be awarded the title of "Capital of toys and teaching tools" .The industry of toys and learning materials begins early after 30 years of development, Qiaoxia have become the center of national production and sale of toys and teching tools.There are 485 companies and more than 7800 products herein, playground toys, intelligence toys, stationery, sporting goods, decoration and so on which apply to the places of the school, community and leisure, the main basis of development, production and selling.there are 277 companies in locating Qiaoxia, one of them the annual output value is over 100 million yuan, including four annual output value is over 50 million yuan, thirsty for these annual output value is more than 10 million.These companies created more than 1,200 offices throughout China, promoting the toy industry and teching tools here to be a top and fastest growing industry production area.The power increased by 25% per year and total sales is 1.5 billion yuan in 2005, representing 60% nationally.

The company was established in 1987, is leader of China Teaching tool and Education toy industry.

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