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How WTO select entertainment equipment

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By Chloe Sun from Huadong Entertainment Equipment Co. If you want to invest in a playground, you should pay attention to three issues: 1.Funds; 2.Location; 3.Security, no less UNO. About Financial investment: financial investment. capital projects park has two, respectively, for initial and subsequent funding 1. Initial funding include: rental rate and simple decoration costs; B: Purchasing cost playgrounds; C: The ad spending, ticket processing costs and costs of VIP cards and other D: Business licenses and operational procedures related management costs include funds 2.later A: Usual hygienic cleaning costs, if small, you can ownselves or ask cleaned cleaner to clean regularly B Team. maintenance costs, normally supplier will provide free maintenance fee for a specified period, you should pay a notice to purchase and service contracts when ordering, or we have no idea whether the manufacturers deny what he said before C: . Later incremental costs of new equipment, we need to update the new devices as business improved, or the passenger is lost and there is no freshness D. Electricity, fire fighting equipment and maintenance etc, may also install cameras in place if the fund is sufficiently cousin helps him easily managed and effectively DOS theft. Location, location is the most important when doing business, then people integrated human traffic and purchasing power of the people and so on. For children and adolescents, in addition to some great theme parks and large playground equipment, which normally plays mainly with Midi and Mini playground as some. courtyard, carousel, water amusement park, etc. Playground set properly in the cell, malls, shopping centers and population 1.Sitting considerations. A: human trafficking B: Land Value C: D Government Policy: E Environment: Needs citizen F: G intratype competition: the last, but most important is your fortune 2.Consider local traffic levels and human consumption, positioned as a theme park, playground or public recreation sites THREE. Greetings safety, security issues have to be taken seriously and should not cut corners, although the lack of funds. Or once a fortuitous accident occurs, the operator will make bankruptcy as sanctions and compensation. 1.Must using qualified equipment yard and do maintenance and periodic inspection. A :. amusements must meet safety standards "Safety of amusement machines and amusement equipment" and safety supervision on special equipment that governed by the quality and technology supervision departments and accredited by the national or provincial supervision for acceptance testing and regular inspection is forbidden to use the machine under to maintain or not pass the exam or overcome life or have not been registered with the Department of Quality and Technical Supervision B Operations., management, maintenance You must undergo a rigorous training and examination and obtain the credentials issed by supervision departments product quality C: Leavel city by local technical supervision departments Prior to use contingency plans, 2.Prepare must registed by example :. Operating unexpected power failure and unexpected system failures and other unpredictable factors accidents.

The company was established in 1987, is leader of China Teaching tool and Education toy industry.

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