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How WTO play slides correctly and safely?

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By Sophie Fang Huadong Entertainment Equipment Co. Slides are integrated sprots equipment, need to start climbing activity. When playing the slideshow, children need strong will and confidence, who can develop their spirit of courage. And when children whooshes from the slide, you can enjoy the happiness of success. Slide is a type of team sport children can commonly see in kindergarten or children amusement parks, generally suitable for children aged between 3 and 6 years old. There are also slides for special use, to save lives. A slide is to put the ladder on the side of a high shelf, and put inclined ramp on the other side, there are usually two types of ramps, straight and bent. Children can climb the ladder and slide down the ramp. Among the many development activities outdoors, there are few sports for kids fun. Because of this, the slide is an indispensable facility amusement park for children, children have a lot of fun with slides through his childhood. Reproduction slides have a lot of advantages for the growth and development of children. However, they do all parents know how to play safely slides for different ages of children? benifits 1. Promote the development of the baby touch, the baby may have different tactile experience when playging a variety of slide. 2. Baby gets its initial experience of speed through the slides. Different lengths pending slides can bring experience different speed baby. Most of the initial experience of the baby is playing with slides. 3. Enable coordination, improve body control. During slideshow play, the baby has to control his balance and speed, which can turn your skills coordintaion body. 4. Promote the development of sport. Playing oftenly slides, the baby may have very good ability to balance and good ability to balance is the basis of athletic ability. Methods of playing slide 1. Slide down with the help of adults. When the baby can sit independently, parents can take the baby to play slide. dad or mom holding baby sitting on the slide, hands on the baby's armpit and dragging down the ramp. After the experience of various itmes, parents just have to put the baby on top of the slide, and bend Mon at the lower end of the slide, dad standing next to the slide feeding a baby, let baby to slide down himself. 2. When the baby is able to walk unsteadily, parents can take the baby to play bass and smooth slide. Mon hands in the armpit of the baby, help baby climb to the top of the slide, encourage baby to slide by itself. Parents can not hold the baby firmly, and check the slide is smooth and clean or not before sliding. 3. Baby toys slide independently. When the baby can play high slides, let the baby get on the slide itself, and then slide down. 4. Play with peers together. Parents can take the baby to the park for children to play togeher slide with a small partner, guide the baby to communicate with fellow actively, and the quality of humility Baby Train. How slide for different ages of baby For baby between 8 months and 1 year old, you can only play the lower deck slide is played. From this moment the baby has a good ability to balance, parents should protect the baby all the way during sliding down. For baby age 1-2 year-old baby can play a little slippery slope straight under the protection of parents, and let him learn the rules of the slide. For Baby 2-3 years old, try to let the baby play a small slide itself, to guide the baby to control the speed by holding and loosening slide, and feel how to balance and friction body. For baby between 3 and 4 years old, let the baby try to play great slide and spiral slide, to exercise the coordination of baby's body. And they can let the baby to climb the gentle slope of the slide tips to improve your strength, also the coordination of hands and feet. dressing up when the slide is played 1. Clothing can not be too thin or too thick. Because some slide surface is not so smooth, you can scratch the baby if the fabric is too thin. thick clothes affect the action of the baby, no insurance during climbing. 2 . Clothing with a rope or hard things, brooch and so on are not seen. Clothing with a rope can cause suffocation if the baby hook on the railing when playing, and clothing with hard things like large buttons will cause the baby presses injuries. Other things like pin brooch or not yet put on clothes when emergency treatment methods slide is played. injury to play slide if falling from a height, first, please review the injured party and watch whetherthe baby is awake or not. To check vomiting, coma and other symptoms, also if there is a head injury or eminence, body and limbs and joints can move freely or not. You can if only a partial concussion, make cold swelling in part bruises. Skin abrasions situation, if the bleeding wound, wash the wound, then disinfected. If there is bruising, compressing there cold compresses. Please also pay attention to scald the skin, in summer, the temperature of outdoor plastic slide is very high, and when the baby playing slide can create heat that inevitably burn baby little ass. Under the heat if, parents should check the temperature of the slide before the baby playing slide.


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